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Wrapping is done in all SPA salons, but this procedure is easy to do at home. Contraindications for cold wraps are significantly less than for hot wraps, and the anti-cellulite effect is comparable. To make it at home, you need to have food wrap, body scrub, ingredients for making the mixture, warm clothes and an hour of free time. You can do the wrap at any time of the day.


The principle of operation of the cold wrap

To prepare any anti-cellulite mixture, use one of three bases: sea mud or clay, algae, vegetable oil. And to prepare a cold wrap, essential rûn and extracts with a cooling effect are added to this base – mint, menthol, leymûn, xiyar, aloe. Sometimes neutral vinegar or qehwe is used. Water for the preparation of the mixture is always mineral and pre-cooled to 20-25 °C.

This composition creates a greenhouse effect on the skin without heating, which makes it safe and suitable for people with diseases of the veins and blood vessels. It narrows the pores and capillaries, soothes the skin, relieves stress. It tones the skin, restores the metabolism in the tissues, relieves puffiness. Thanks to this, cellulite goes away. However, do not expect miracles. The wrap gives a short-term effect. For a long-term effect, you will need to review your diet, solve medical problems, learn how to control stress, and start exercising.

The effect of cold wrapping becomes noticeable after 10-15 procedures. The optimal frequency is every other day (three wraps per week). After a month, the course stops (calorizer). Depending on the degree of cellulite, the course can be extended to three months. The break between courses is 1-1. 5 months.

Preparing the skin for wrapping

Preparation of the skin is the most important stage of the procedure, because the effectiveness depends on how well you cleaned it. To clean the skin, you will need a scrub based on sea xwê or coffee-coarse and deep cleansing components.


Before cleaning, you need to massage the problem areas or take a bath. This helps to improve blood circulation and open the pores. First, the skin is cleaned with a hard washcloth, and then apply a scrub, massage thoroughly for a few minutes and rinse with warm running water.

The contrast of the skin heated by water treatments or massage and the cooling mixture will lead to rapid closing of the pores, narrowing of the capillaries and outflow of fluid. This will increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin, get rid of cellulite bumps.

The temperature contrast between the preparation of the skin and the application of the mixture is contraindicated in people with heart diseases. They should do a non-aggressive self-massage and scrub instead of warming up water treatments.


Contraindications to cold wrapping

There are few contraindications for cold wrapping. These include chronic kidney diseases (kidney failure, pyelonephritis), menstruation, gynecological diseases (endometriosis, endometritis, uterine fibroids), bladder diseases (cystitis), pregnancy.

In other cases, it is necessary to remember the safety precautions – use non-allergic formulations, rest during the procedure, do not increase the wrapping time. The effect does not depend on the duration, but on the proper preparation of the skin and composition. The active time of action is 30-50 minutes.


Cold wrap recipes at home

To make a wrap at home, you can buy a special anti-cellulite remedy or prepare your own composition (calorizator). Among cosmetics, cold wrap formulations are widely represented by professional cosmetics GUAM or more budget Velinia, R-Cosmetics and the well-known porteqalî fitness series Floresan.

The composition for cold wraps is easy to prepare at home. Let’s look at some simple recipes.


Kefz: soak dry kelp leaves in cool water for half an hour. As the leaves soften, grind them with a blender and add 20 ml of natural sêv sira sihrê.

Herrî: dilute 50 g of blue clay powder with cool mineral water to a creamy state, add 10 drops of menthol essential oil.

Lavender: prepare a lavender broth, cool and dilute them with blue clay powder to a creamy consistency.


rûn: in 50 ml of olive or rûnê almond, add 3 drops of essential oils of lemon, girêfurt, juniper.

Mint: prepare a decoction of mint leaves, cool and dilute them with blue clay powder to the consistency of sour qeymax.

After applying the mixture, you need to put on warm clothes or cover yourself with a blanket and relax. It is undesirable to engage in active activity.

Cold wrapping at home is not difficult to carry out at all. First, make sure that there are no contraindications, and then collect the necessary ingredients and take the time. Remember that miracles do not happen – one wrap procedure will not change anything, and a comprehensive approach and a course of procedures can change a lot.

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