Amûrên elektrîkê çawa bandor li laşê me dikin

Any electrical appliance in our home emits a huge amount of electromagnetic waves. And if you think that they are safe, because you rarely use them, then you are deeply mistaken. Even when they remain simply plugged in, their harm is not reduced. Each device is able to emit a small amount of harmful radiation, but in the bag it accumulates in our house in the form of electromagnetic smog. Scientists have proven that strong electromagnetic waves are not only the cause of various problems in devices and equipment, but also often have a bad effect on our health. For example, they cause amnesia, diseases of the central nervous system, vision, and the immune system, and the worst thing is cancer. Electromagnetic waves can disrupt the metabolism, reproduction and growth of cells, and the functionality of organs.


But, despite all the negative reviews of scientists, advertisers claim quite the opposite things. They tell us about the technologies of the XXI century, which do not cause the slightest harm to our health. However, scientists do not give up and show data on the amount of radiation with a special device.

Not so long ago, only a refrigerator and a mixer were present in our kitchen, and now our kitchen is stuffed with everything possible. The most powerful sources of electromagnetic radiation included microwave ovens, fume hoods, and refrigerators.


Sources of electromagnetic waves can be not only in the kitchen, but also in other rooms of our house, for example, in the living room. Our PCs, TVs in every room, air conditioners, music devices and even heaters improve our lives, make it more comfortable. But you should know that their help is not entirely harmless. The price of their help is the state of your health. As you know, when you work at a computer or watch TV, your eyes get tired very quickly. The reason for this is the flickering of the images. This can lead to high blood pressure, frequent migraines, nervous tension and irritability. In our society, many PC and TV manufacturers claim that liquid crystal monitors do not cause the slightest harm to our body. But research has shown that their radiation is no less than that of other electronic “residents” of our house. It is also important that even the thickest partitions between the walls do not reduce their negative. In order not to affect your well-being, watch TV at a distance of at least 1.5 meters. And when working with the computer, do not forget to take breaks.

Mobile phones also fall under questionable trust. After all, with the help of this thing, we combine endless household chores with pleasant conversations on the phone.

We must not forget that electromagnetic waves emit not only our household appliances, but also sockets, switches, lamps, transformers. Make sure that their number in the nursery and bedroom is minimal.

But how do you protect yourself and your family from the dangerous effects of electrical appliances? The surest way is to get rid of most of your household appliances. But you don’t want to part with these assistants. Now our market offers a variety of devices-neutralizers to combat electromagnetic radiation. However, these devices were tested and it turned out that this is just another good advertisement. These devices practically do not affect our household appliances, which only confirms the law of physics.

In order to still reduce the dangerous impact, you just need to follow some recommendations.

  1. First, do not forget to turn off all household appliances from the outlet, as far as possible.
  2. Secondly, you need to be as far away from all the devices as possible.
  3. Third, when buying any equipment, carefully study all the documentation – the hygienic conclusion.

In the modern world, there is no safe food, no safe technology. Therefore, when buying another “assistant”, carefully read its characteristics. And think more than once about how it can affect your health. You may come to the conclusion that health is more expensive.

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