Dema ku winda dibe çawa meriv nermbûna çerm biparêze



The New Year is just around the corner, and what could be a better gift for yourself than a couple of dropped pounds. The opportunity to celebrate the holiday in a dress that served as your motivation to lose weight for a long time, inspires, but euphoria is often replaced by disappointment. The fact is that low-calorie têkdiçe û, which can give a rapid weight loss, do not take into account the needs of the skin of the face and body. As a result, it becomes sluggish and can even sag if the weight loss was too active.


Skin support from the inside out

In order not to look like a deflated ball, it is necessary to provide sufficient nutrition to the skin both internally and with the help of external care. The opinion of experts in this matter is categorical: healthy weight loss can not be fast. But if you just need to drop the ballast for any special occasion, then you should not forget about the use of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the epidermis. Here are some tips:

1. Drink plenty of clean waterto prevent dehydration. After all, it is fraught with headache, fatigue, rapid pulse and dizziness. With these symptoms, this will lead to a hospital bed, and not to an elastic body.

2. If you decide to minimize the amount of fat consumed as much as possible by avoiding rûn, qelew masî and meat varieties, as well as dairy foods with a fat content of more than one, then your skin is most likely already beginning to experience a shortage of building material. A good way out will be the additional use of dietary supplements, namely polyunsaturated fatty acidsOmega-3. It is found in sufficient quantities in the notorious fish oil, which can be bought in capsules, and in rûnê rûn.


3. Your skin, and not only it, will also not be happy about the lack of sufficient protein in the diet. This means that it is better to give up vegetable and fruit mono-diets. Skin cells produce collagen, which is also a protein, from amino acids. They, in turn, enter the body with protein foods of plant and animal origin: meat, fish, hêk, dairy foods and legumes.

External skin care

If you follow the above recommendations of nutritionists, your skin may still require more careful care from the outside. All your actions should be aimed at improving blood circulation and increasing the elasticity of the surface of the body and face. If you do not have the time and money to attend expensive procedures in beauty salons, then you can try to repeat some of them at home yourself.


Self-massage. Experts say that self-massage can give excellent results, video lessons of which can be easily found on the Internet. Greasy massage oil, which you risk soiling everything around, can be replaced with a massage qeymax. Inexpensive, but very effective moisturizing and nourishing body foods can be found among the cosmetics of various companies, for example, among the foods of the brand Kallos Cosmetics. Also in the range of the brand there are many foods for facial skin and hair care.


Facial massage. A facial massage can really sculpt and tighten it. The main thing is not to overdo it in the movements, so as not to stretch the already sluggish skin even more. All movements must be made along the massage lines. Just as in the case of the body, it is better to use cream, not oil. Choose foods with a lifting effect that will enhance and accelerate the result.

Scrubbing. In addition to massage, scrubbing will help to improve blood circulation and clean the skin. It is recommended to do the procedure 1-2 times a week. For the face, you can use soft peels, but the body will suit coarse-grained sugar and xwê scrubs. In addition, the body becomes elastic and smooth after wraps with special anti-cellulite creams: cooling or warming. And of course, do not neglect the value of physical activity for a beautiful weight loss.


Fight against stretch marks. A separate topic for discussion is often stretch marks, which become more noticeable on sluggish skin. You can fight with striae, but you can completely get rid of them only with the help of plastic surgery. Fortunately, it is in your power to make them less visible. On elastic and taut skin, they are almost indistinguishable when they turn white, which means that it is necessary to increase the elasticity of the body surface. The contrast shower has proven itself well in the fight against such problems. During water procedures, turn on hot and cold water alternately, every 30-50 seconds. The skin will become noticeably fresher and firmer after several treatments.


As you can see, there are a great many means for beauty and health, and you should not stop at just one of them. The best effect can only be given by an integrated approach: external and internal. Lose weight beautifully and be healthy!

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