Meriv çawa li mala xwe zikê zikê radike



Rapid weight loss is a serious test for the skin. During a strict diet, the body lacks nutrients, the skin loses elasticity and firmness, becomes flabby and saggy. Losing weight with a lot of weight is also faced with this. According to experts, even with a healthy rate of weight loss – by 3-5 kg per month, skin restoration can take about six months. There are ways to help speed up the process.


Xwarinê saxlem

During the diet, the body does not receive enough nutrients. Such dietary extremes as low-carb têkdiçe û with a minimum amount of fat do not pass without a trace for the skin. To provide the body with everything you need after losing weight, you need to determine your maintenance level of calories, calculate the norms of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and drink enough water.

In a normal diet, protein foods of different fat content should be present. For the skin, fatty masî, mêwê derya, hêk, medium-fat dairy foods, pişk, teze seb û fêk are especially important.

The skin is the body’s shield, so the use of creams containing collagen and elastin may not have an effect – the qeymax does not penetrate into the deep layers of the skin (calorizer). But the inclusion in the diet of foods that help the body to produce elastin and collagen itself, will ensure the regeneration of the skin.

Çalakiya fizîkî

It is necessary to abandon jumping movements and running. They help to spend calories and train the endurance of the heart, but harm the skin. Do some weight training at the gym. They will help you build the muscles that will shape your figure. It’s one thing when the skin hangs on the bones, and quite another when it fits around the chiseled muscle frame.


As an additional load to get rid of the belly apron, exercises aimed at strengthening the cortical muscles will help. These are straight, reverse and side planks with leg lifts, glute bridges.


Massage with a specialist and self-massage at home give a good effect, as they improve blood circulation and relieve stress. The main thing is to do massage regularly and correctly, observing the sequence of movements and moving strictly along the massage lines. If you can not regularly visit the massage therapist’s office, learn the principles of self-massage.


In the fight against sagging skin, anti-cellulite and lifting massage have proven themselves well. Hûngiv massage has a noticeable effect, but it is considered aggressive – sometimes there are bruises on the skin. Be careful with the abdominal area, where the vital organs are located. The average massage course is 10 treatments.

Jê digire

The effect of the wrap is similar to massage-improving blood circulation and reducing stress. Special formulations for wraps can be purchased in the store or prepared independently from clay, algae û rûn (calorizator). Make sure that there are no contraindications to the wraps. For example, for venous diseases, it is not recommended to do a hot wrap, and for kidney diseases, cold wrapping is prohibited. The course of wraps on average is 10-15 procedures.



There is a whole class of cosmetics for body skin care. To get rid of the apron on the stomach, corrective creams and scrubs will be relevant.

The corrective cream affects the upper layer of the skin, however, it should not be neglected. Choose the cream that contains vitamins A and E, they nourish the skin. It is good if the composition includes aloe vera and caffeine. Even the best composition will be useless if it is not applied correctly. Do not spare the cream for yourself, rub it with massage movements from the bottom up.


The scrub is necessary to cleanse the skin of dead cells. Clean skin is better restored. Choose scrubs based on qehwe, derya xwê, grape or mişmiş seeds. Use the cream daily, and scrub-three times a week.

Getting rid of the belly apron and sagging skin in other parts of the body requires a comprehensive approach. The speed of skin restoration is not only a matter of care, but also of genetics. Sometimes you can’t do without surgery. For example, when people lose 50 kg or more or lose weight in adulthood. Abdominoplasty is a common surgical procedure, but it is advisable to resort to it when other methods have failed.


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